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VOICE LOGIC Cloude (VLC) PBX service has minimal setup costs, and it only takes a few hours to configure. 

You’ll never have to worry about purchasing expensive hardware again, and getting stuck with the wrong system will be a thing of the past

 Only Pay For What You Use!

Cloud PBX doesn’t lock you into long contracts, and we make it easy to downsize. Need more extensions? You can upgrade your account within 12 hours. What’s more, we bill per second when you make a call. You’ll never pay for services that you don’t use, and you won’t have to worry about termination fees. Your bottom line is what matters, and VLC is guaranteed to set your telecom budget.

Call us and singe up  0861-328-256 / 082-448-3723


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Service Provider

VoIP Resellers is heavily reliant on a stable and effective VoIP Softswitch. CloudAstrix Service-Provider-Edition  is a ‘vendor neutral’ Class 6 VoIP Switch, dedicated or shared, surrounded with a host of value added VoIP Analysis, Billing and Managed Services to ensure your provisioning of Voice Services is handled efficiently and professionally.




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